Application packaging and deployment

tpkg looks at /etc/tpkg.conf and $HOME/.tpkg.conf for configuration settings. Here are the possible configurations:

  base              = /opt/tpkg
  source            = http://tpkg/tpkg
  source            = http://otherserver/tpkg
  report_server     = http://tpkg/client_update
  host_group_script = /home/me/tpkg_group_script
  sudo              = false

This is where relocatable packages are installed, and where tpkg stores its state. Defaults to /opt/tpkg if not specified in any of the config files.


The package repository. May be specified multiple times with different URLs if you have more than one repository.


The URL for the reporting server, if you've set it up. If this is defined then all package install/upgrade/removal operations will be reported to the server.


The filename for a script which takes one or more host group names as arguments and outputs the names of the hosts in those groups one per line on stdout. Used with the --group option.


Should tpkg use sudo when performing package management operations? Defaults to yes.

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