Application packaging and deployment

This page documents the process of releasing a new version of tpkg to the public.


  • Make sure your changes are checked in
  • Make sure the code passes the test suite by running rake test
  • Update VERSION in lib/tpkg/version.rb, commit
  • Tag the release with git tag -a v<version>
  • Push your tag to github with git push --tags
    • The tag should now appear on the releases page
  • Send an email to tpkg-users announcing the release
  • Run rake build
  • gem push pkg/tpkg-<version>.gem
  • Run rake macport
  • Submit MacPorts ticket requesting update of tpkg port, attach a diff of $PWD/Portfile and the generated $TMPDIR/Portfile
  • Copy $TMPDIR/Portfile to your git working copy and commit
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